Payments and Refunds Policy


The pricing of our services will be communicated to you in email before onboarding your restaurant or food business. All our email communication will be from id support [at] fabfood [dot] in

Payment Policy

Payment Collection

We may provide option for your customers to pay online via our website or app. We will settle all such payments received to your verified bank account with in three business days unless agreed otherwise. We may deduct amount charged for our services from such payments collected.

Service Delivery

You expliclity agree to provide and maintain satisfactory level of food services to your customers via our platform. We may withhold the settlement of payments collected from your customers if we have reason to believe that the services were not rendered to your customers for orders placed via our platform. In such cases these payments will be refunded back to customer's original mode of payment. Further, please note that this is applicable only for the orders whose payments are made on our platform and not for any order whose payment is made outside our platform.

Service Charges

All charges for our services are to be paid with in 10 calendar days of the invoice date. Failure to pay with in this time may result in immediate suspension of our services without any notice. Failure to pay with in 90 calendar days of the invoice date may result in permanent termination of our services and may require a restoration fee to resume.

Refund Policy

Service Charge Refunds

The charges for our services are to be paid after invoice is raised for the same (unless such charges are deducted from payments collected on your behalf from your customers). Since we charge after the usage of our services, refunds are not applicable.

Payment Refunds

Refunds will be issued for orders of your customers whose payment is made on our platform in the following cases:

  • Your restaurant cancels the order.
  • Your restaurant is not able to fulfill the order and refund to customer is requested.

In above cases refund will be issued to customer's original mode of payment with in 7 business days.