Terms Of Use

By using this website and/or our apps (collectively called services), you agree to the following terms of use:

  • You are granted a non-exclusive right to use the services provided by us.
  • The services are provided on a best effort basis. While we take utmost care to safely store and secure the data and services, we are not responsible for any loss that you may suffer due to non-continuance of our services.
  • You shall use the services only for their specified purpose. In particular, you can not use bots to retrieve, list or push any kind of data unless explicity allowed by us.
  • You may not try to gain un-authorized access to any data or servers hosting our services.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue or block your use of our services if we believe that there is a violation of any of the above terms or in the general interest of maintaing availability and security of our services.

The use of services are also governed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Payments Policy. These are available at-


At any point of time you may choose to discontinue the use of our services by sending a mail at support [at] fabfood [dot] in. Charges for services till the termination date will be applicable.

Changes to Terms of Use

Any changes in the terms of use will be communicated to you via email. This page will always contain the updated terms of use.